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Safety Data Sheet Training
Chemical Hazards Communication Society - Safety Data Sheet Training

CHCS offers Modular Training Courses on the writing of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and related issues such as classification, labelling and other documentation.

About The Course

These Modules are specially prepared for CHCS, and given by acknowledged experts in their fields. The course has been designed with 4 conceptual levels incorporating basic introduction, core knowledge, interpretation and use of knowledge. It is split into several Modules as shown below.

Dates and Venues

Please click on any highlighted Module, below, for detailed information about the course, the venue and to reserve a place using our online booking forms. We will update this list as and when we finlaise the course details and venues.


7 September Module 22 Essentials of Regulatory Chemistry - Substances, Mixtures and Polymers Manchester
20 September Module 3 Introduction to European Chemical Regulation London
28 September Module 1 Introduction to SDS Writing Manchester
10 October Module 17 EU Classification for Supply - Substances Manchester
11 October Module 18 EU Classification for Supply - Mixtures Manchester
12 October Module 19 EU Labelling for Supply Manchester
8 November Module 15 Advanced Preparation of SDSs Manchester
5 December Module 53 Risk Characterisation and the Chemical Safety Report London
6 December Module 20 The Extended SDS London

2017 Courses Already Run

1 February, Module 8, Classification For Transport, London
2 February, Module 10, Transport Labelling and Documentation, London
8 February, Module 28, An Overview Of The Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR), London
9 March, Module 3, Introduction to European Chemical Regulation, Manchester
16 March, Module 1, Introduction to SDS Writing, London
29 March, Module 5, Basic Toxicology, Manchester
30 March, Module 11, Advanced Toxicology, Manchester
26 April, Module 6, Basoxicology, Manchester
27 April, Module 12, Advanced Ecotoxicology, Manchester
16 May, Module 17, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Substances, London
17 May, Module 17, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Substances, London
18 May, Module 19, EU CLP (GHS) Labelling for Supply, London
24 May, Module 15, Advanced Preparation of SDSs, London

Module List
(please click on the Module number for further details):

Basic introductory modules:

Module 1 Introduction to Safety Data Sheet Writing
Module 2 Basic Chemistry (For non-chemists)
Module 3 Introduction to European Chemical Regulation
Module 5 Basic Toxicology
Module 6 Basic Ecotoxicology

Core knowledge:

Module 17 EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Substances
Module 18 EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Mixtures
Module 19 EU CLP (GHS) Labelling for Supply

Module 8 Classification for Transport
Module 10 Transport Labelling and Documentation

Module 11 Advanced Toxicology
Module 12 Advanced Ecotoxicology

Module 22 Essentials of Regulatory Chemistry - Substances, Mixtures and Polymers

Module 28 Overview Of The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

Module 53  Risk Characterisation - The Chemical Safety Report

Module 55  Introduction to Chemicals Regulations in Asia Pacific

Interpretation and use of knowledge:

Module 15  Advanced Preparation of Safety Data Sheets

Module 20 The Extended SDS - Understanding Exposure Scenarios

Each Module is designed as a stand-alone course. Modules can be taken in any order, but we recommend that delegates have a solid knowledge of the basic and core subjects before taking modules on the interpretation and use of knowledge. Modules 5 & 11, 6 & 12, 8 & 10 and 17, 18 & 19 are normally offered as consecutive 2 or 3 day presentations.  Delegates can attend any individual Module from these combined offerings or take any combination as a whole.

See also our Events page for details of events, which may have relevance to compilers of Safety Data Sheets.

How To Book

Please note that to ensure the most effective training the Modules will normally be limited to a maximum of 14 students. We now operate an online booking system. To book your place, please click on the Module you wish to attend, against the date and venue, shown above. This will take you to an online form. Modules will be closed to bookings 6 working days in advance of the date of training.

2016 Pricing

  • In 2016, the full price, for a CHCS Member, for all Modules is £295 (+VAT). However, we are now offerring an "early bird" discount of only £245 (+VAT). This price will expire 9 weeks before the course date, after which the full price will apply. In 2016, we will invoice, and expect payment in full, before the course takes place.

  • The cost for non-members is as above plus current membership. See our Membership page for charges. Our online SDS Training booking system will not allow you to book a place until you have become a member of CHCS.

    CHCS membership brings many additional benefits, including news updates and newsletters, and free entry to the CHCS annual lecture and AGM.

    To join CHCS please visit our Membership page and complete the online Membership form. The year's membership will run to 31 August following, unless the Module in question is attended in June, July or August (in which case until 31 August of the following year).

If you have any questions about registering for a training module or joining CHCS, please do contact the CHCS Office.

We now offer Credit Card payments through Worldpay. See our CHCS Credit Card Payments page for more details.


Note: if you have a wish for a specific Module, approximate date, or venue other than as scheduled, then please do advise the CHCS office. If there is sufficient common interest from several members then CHCS will consider adding to the schedule (but we cannot promise).

Also it is possible to arrange for in-house presentations of any Module at a company’s own premises. This may be more economically viable if there are several employees wishing to take the same Module(s). If you might be interested in this option please contact the CHCS office for more details.

CHCS Events

The CHCS run many events & seminars on all aspects of chemical hazard communication.

See our Events page for dates.