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The Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS) are looking for a part-time Development Officer to help our Training and Assessment Panel (TAP), and our Member Services Committee, with the development and organisation of our programme of training modules, events and workshops, and with member communications.

The successful candidate will have a background in chemical hazard communication, as well as excellent organisational skills.

The post is being offered for a 12 month contract initially, 20 hours per month, £47.15 per hour

Key Duties


  • Support the TAP with keeping existing training up-to-date and relevant
    • Review candidate feed-back and training survey, along with other communication from members with training requests and open discussion with relevant personnel if appropriate
    • Consider impacts of existing and upcoming legislation changes; if full or partial rewrites may be necessary initiate dialogue with TAP Chair/TAP
    • Identify where refresher training is appropriate and work with Presenters to develop suitable offerings
    • Review flyers and other promotional material for accuracy and relevance, informing Module tutors of suggested changes
  • Support the TAP with the development of new training courses
    • Review candidate feed-back and training survey, along with other communication from members with training requests to identify gaps in current CHCS training provision
    • Develop outlines for new Modules, Seminars, Work-Shops and Webinars
    • Assist TAP with advertising for, and recruitment of trainers for new modules and events

  • Identify opportunities for expanding CHCS training into new markets
    • Look at opportunities to expand Modules and events to Europe
    • Develop relationships with other organisations to promote growth and service Modules and Events
    • Liaise with companies requiring In House training and identify the possibility of additional training modules where appropriate

  • Schedule training courses
    • Work with TAP to estimate the number of presentations required for each Module for up to 12 months ahead
    • Liaise with CHCS Administration who manage Presenter, Deputy and Venue bookings
  • Providing support to the Chair of the Training and Assessment Panel (TAP)
    • Maintain schedule and organise meetings
    • Maintain record of meetings, circulate and report to TAP/Council
    • Undertake assigned meeting actions

  • Other duties
    • Maintain and revise as necessary, assessment tools to be used by Presenters, Deputies, Speakers, Trainees, Seminar delegates, Annual Lecture attendees and CHCS Module Auditors

Member Communications

  • Assist the CHCS Chair and MSC Chair with the organization of the AGM and Annual Lectures,
    • Helping to source appropriate Speakers
    • Identifying suitable exhibitors and inviting them to attend the AGM
    • Liaise with CHCS Administration who manage the venue, exhibitor and member bookings
  • Sourcing and writing regulatory and technical content for member news alerts

  • Monitoring the technical and regulatory content of the CHCS website to check that it is up to date – updating content as necessary, or identifying another suitable person to do so if needed

How To Apply

Please apply by sending an email to the CHCS Office:, including a CV and highlighting your technical and training expertise.

Closing Date

Please send your application to us by 31st October 2018.


Links To Guidance & Legislation Recently Laid Before Parliament

Links to new Guidance and Regulation amendments.

CHCS Members can read more on the CHCS News Briefings page.

RPA seeks input from companies in chemicals supply chain to assess impacts of Brexit

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has commissioned RPA to assess the impacts of the UK’s exit from the EU and the consultancy is now seeking participation of companies in the chemicals supply chain to assist it with this analysis.

CHCS Members can read more on the CHCS News Briefings page.

Preparing for a potential ‘no-deal’ exit from the EU New information from BEIS on the steps businesses need to take to prepare for a potential ‘no-deal’ exit.

CHCS Members can read more on the CHCS News Briefings page.

News Briefings Summary
  • 12 December 2018
    Impacts Of Additional Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) & Other New Measures Under The Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD)

  • 11 December 2018
    HSE Adds Additional No-Deal Brexit Guidance On REACH 

  • 11 December 2018
    Latest Consolidated Version Of CLP

  • 7 November 2018
    EU Withdrawal Stakeholders Meeting (held October 2018)

  • 11 October 2018
    13th ATP for CLP Published

  • 11 October 2018
    Regulating chemicals (REACH) if there’s no Brexit deal

  • 25 September 2018: Microplastics and the current situation

  • 4 September 208: IATA publishes significant changes to the 60th Edition of the Dangerous Goods Regulations

  • 26 July 2018: REACH or CLP regulatory measures proposed for persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT/vPvM) substances

  • 26 July 2018 - REACH or CLP regulatory measures proposed for persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT/vPvM) substances

  • 6 July 2018 - HSE provide a "Chemicals" EU Exit web page.

    CHCS Members can read more on the CHCS News Briefings page.

    26 July 2018 - CHCS Labelling Competition

    Have you overcome a tricky labelling problem? Are you labelling a small or awkwardly shaped package, printing on a difficult surface, or have overcome another problem?

    Are you proud of your label designs that make it easier for customers to read and understand your labels?

    CHCS Members can enter our new competition. For more details please visit: CHCS Labelling Competition.

    9  July 2018 - CHCS Needs Your Help!

    CHCS has a number of vacancies on our committees and are looking for volunteers to fill them. For more information please see: CHCS Vacancies.

    Next 3 CHCS Training Courses:

    For a full list of our CHCS Training Courses, please visit our Training page. 


    • Other events are in preparation. Please visit again soon.


    CHCS Membership is open to any person with an interest in chemical hazard communications. You can join by completing the simple on-line form at Join CHCS. Membership is currently £85.00 (+ £17.00 VAT where applicable; a total of £102.00). 

    Contact CHCS

    • General, membership and events/training enquiries:, tel+ 44 (0) 333 210 2427 (option 1)

    • For all enquiries related to invoices, payments and any other accounting issues:, tel:
       + 44 (0) 333 210 2427 (option 2)

    See full CHCS Contact Details.

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