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Chemical Hazards Communication Society


Chemical Hazards Communication Society

The Chemical Hazards Communication Society aims to provide information and training guidance to as many individuals as possible, regardless of whether they work in small or large companies, for associations or for government, involved with the ever increasing complexity of chemical hazards regulations and international codes.

Our aims...

The Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS) aims are, in brief, to:

  • Promote the awareness of chemical hazards and improvements in their identification and communication, such as the classification of chemicals and preparations, their clear labelling and understandable safety data sheets
  • Provide a forum for sharing experiences, views and information on chemical hazards
  • Register members active in general or specialist areas of chemical hazards
  • Promote the need for specific training and aim toward the setting of competency standards
  • Make chemical hazards information available to members and other relevant bodies
A Brief History of CHCS

The Chemical Hazards Communication Society was launched at an inaugural meeting held at the Health and Safety Executive in London on the 14th April 1994.

About 40 individuals, employed by leading companies, regulatory bodies, and associations, attended the inaugural meeting, agreed the aims and objectives. Of these 12 people volunteered to form a group (initially called the Steering Group, but now the Council) to formally set up and run the Society.

The Society, which has the backing of the Health and Safety Executive, now has annual membership of over 400 members and holds regular events, and issues regular newsletters.

This new and specific forum has since attracted professionals engaged in all aspects of chemical hazards communication, independent of politics or vested interests.

It has been established as an unincorporated, non-profit-making Society, and its affairs are managed by a Council of volunteer members. A formal constitution is available.

In February 2001, CHCS launched its modular scheme for the training, principally, of compilers of Safety Data Sheets. The training has since been extended to include systems used outside the EU and issues concerning dangerous chemicals, other than needed for compilation of  European Safety Data Sheets.  From 2009 the scheme covers additionally the classification and labelling requirements of the (EC) CLP Regulation

Last Updated:

25 January 2015

CHCS Newsletter

The January 2015 CHCS Newsletter is now available for all Members to download.

This edition carries the first of our "Feature Interviews"

CHCS January 2015 Newsletter


The planned presentation of CHCS Module 2 "Basic Chemistry" on February 25th 2015 has been cancelled.

If you were planning to attend that presentation, please inform the CHCS Office, because it may be possible to re-arrange the presentation for a date later in the year.


REACH Regulation Round-Up

CHCS are running a REACH Round-Up seminar in February 2015. This CHCS seminar offers a snapshot of the most important aspects of REACH [Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, as amended], and its practical application, as we enter the final stage of the registration process for phase-in substances.

For more details see our Events page.

2014 AGM Papers & Annual Lecture Presentations Now Published

We have now published the papers and the 4 presentations from our 2014 Annual General Meeting. You can find these in our Members Area.


2015 Safety Data Sheet Training Course Dates Now Published

We are pleased to announce our SDS Training Module dates for 2015.

For more information and to make bookings, please see our SDS Training page.


New CHCS Flier available

We have published a new flier for help in promoting CHCS. You can download it in Adobe PDF format from: CHCS Flier.


2nd Edition of the CHCS Safety Data Sheet User Guide Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Edition of our SDS User Guide is now available, free of charge, from this website.

Free GHS Label Memocards

*New Stock Now Available *

With our aim of promoting an understanding of the new CLP hazard pictograms, we have now produced a new pocket card explaining the symbols. The card includes all the new CLP pictograms, together with simple, concise information and advice to help people use chemicals safely. To find out how to obtain these cards please visit the Understand The Label website.


Safety Data Sheet Training Dates

The next CHCS Safety Data Sheet training dates are as follows:

4 February 2015, Module 5, Basic Toxicology, Manchester

5 February 2015, Module 11, Advanced Toxicology, Manchester

17 February 2015, Module 17, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Substances, Manchester

18 February 2015, Module 18, EU CLP (GHS) Classification for Supply - Mixtures, Manchester

19 February 2015, Module 19, EU CLP (GHS) Labelling for Supply, Manchester

For the full list of dates please see our Safety Data Training Sheets page.

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