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British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals - BADGP

CHCS is delighted to have a Memorandum of Understanding with the UK-based British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals, known as BADGP. This relationship offers benefits to members of both organisations.

The aims of the MoU are as follows:

  • Share information, experience, materials and skills to learn from each other and operate effectively

  • Work collaboratively on issues of mutual interest to identify solutions and avoid duplication of effort

  • Engage in mutual advertising for organisation-sponsored events such as conferences, seminars, webinars and training courses through channels including but not limited to website posting, member mailing and organisation-sponsored social media platforms

  • Offer reciprocal member-discount pricing for organisation-sponsored events
  • Offer a complimentary place to the other Party to exhibit its services at each organisation's annual general meeting

  • Maintain a link the other Party's website on each organisation's own website

Forthcoming BADGP Events

Free-of-charge to CHCS members. 

Other events are currently being planned. For more details you can visit the BADGP website at:

Or sign up to the BADGP Mailing List for notification of events.

    Benefits Of MoU To Our Members

    CHCS Members

    CHCS members can benefit from member-discount pricing for BADGP organisation-sponsored events. BADGP also offer a limited number of free places to their AGM and Annual Industry Seminar.

    BADGP Members

    Similarly, BADGP members can now benefit from member-discount pricing for CHCS organisation-sponsored events.

    CHCS Members: Registering For A BADGP Event

    If a CHCS member wishes to book onto a BADGP event, please download your CHCS membership card and email it to the BADGP Office ( By doing so, you agree that BADGP can verify your CHCS membership with the CHCS office. BADGP will then email you back with instructions on how to register for the event.

      BADGP Members: Registering For A CHCS Event

      If a BADGP member wishes to book onto a CHCS event, please download your BADGP membership card and email it to the CHCS Office ( By doing so, you agree that CHCS can verify your BADGP membership with the BADGP office. We will then email you back with instructions on how to register for the event.

      About BADGP

      BADGP are committed to supporting and developing Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) and other people responsible for dangerous goods, in all modes of transport, to enable them to have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain safety and attaining compliance to the dangerous goods regulatory codes within their work functions. Supporting the professionals who work in the business of dangerous goods helps promote the safe transport of materials that present risk.

      BADGP Contact Details, Social Media & Mailing List

      You can find out more about BADGP, from their website and social media feeds, and you can sign up to their mailing list:


      Twitter: @badgp_dgsa


      Discussion Group: BADGP also runs a very active discussion group via LinkedIn at

      Sign Up To BADGP Mailing List

      Any questions? Contact the CHCS Office

      CHCS News

      ECHA Survey On Recycling Of Waste (deadline to respond: 27 April 2021)
      The European Chemicals Agency is inviting stakeholders with ‘an interest in chemical recycling’ to respond to a short survey, which will feed into a larger study on chemical recycling of waste. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 26 April 2021]

      The Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List 2021
      The new list has again been produced by the NCEC, in co-operation with the UK Home Office, and is published by TSO. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 26 April 2021]

      ECHA Updates Poison Centre Guidance
      The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) have updated their poison centres guidance document. Now on Version 4.0 the updated document gives information on some of the sector specific workability challenges. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 6 April 2021]

      CHCS' March 2021 Newsletter is now available, containing important updates on the many recent changes to regulations. See CHCS March 2021 Newsletter. [Posted on 31 March 2021]

      Updates to ECHA's Brexit Pages & Q&As
      ECHA have updated their Brexit pages and Q&A as well as the guidance on Labelling & Packaging and Annex VIII to CLP. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 17 March 2021]

      New CHCS Webinar: “Brexit - Do You Know What You Don't Yet Know?”
      Thursday 1st April 2021, 14:00 BST. Free-of-charge for members of CHCS, BADGP and SCHC. Visit the Brexit webinar web-page for more details and to register. 
      [Posted on 7 March 2021]

      Update From HSE On UK REACH
      HSE have published a detailed update on UK REACH with several very useful links. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 5 March 2021]

      The GB Mandatory Classification and Labelling (MCL) List includes decisions made in the 14th and 15th ATPs to the EU-CLP Regulation, which are not yet required to be complied with.
      CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 1 February 2021]

      Update to Canada GHS (Aligned with 7th Edition)
      Regulations Amending the Hazardous Products Regulations (GHS, Seventh Revised Edition) and the Order Amending Schedule 2 to the Hazardous Products Act were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I on December 19, 2020.
      CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 26 January 2021]

      UK Exit Of EU: Resources To Help As Transition Period Ends
      CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 11 December 2020]

      End Of UK Transition Period – HSE Podcasts Series
      HSE is hosting a series of podcasts over the coming months to provide more information on the changes to how chemicals will be regulated from 1 January 2021. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 9 December 2020]

      Second Amendment Of Annex VIII of CLP (Poison Centres) Is Published
      The second amendment to Annex VIII to CLP, concerning poison centres was published in the Official Journal on 13 November 2020 and entered into force on 14 November 2020. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page[Posted on 23 November 2020]

      New "Brexit" Web Pages 
      As the end of the transition period is nearly upon us (31 December 2020), and we are starting to learn more about the changes to our own regulations and our future relationships with the EU, we are pleased to present you with several new web pages on specific Brexit-related topics. Please visit our website Brexit page. [Posted on 13 November 2020]

      Endocrine Disruptors - 1st CHCS Video

      We have produced our first video for members: "Endocrine Disruptors", which is available to members free-of-charge.

      This introductory video explains the various components of the human endocrine system and how they interact, to help understand the mechanisms of endocrine disruptors on human systems.

      The video is just over 10 minutes long.

      To register for access to the video, please visit our video registration page: Endocrine Disruptors Video Registration.

      [Posted on 1 July 2019]

      News Briefings Summary
      • 30 October
        Poison Centre Portal Updated

      • 24 August
        Member States Slowly Starting To Use The New Portal

      • 22 June 2020
        Option To Anonymise The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI)

      • 26 May 2020
        New ECHA CLP Guidance Documents Published

      • 19 May 2020
        Draft Regulation Amending Article 25 Of CLP

          CHCS Members can read these News items, and older posts, on the CHCS News Briefings page.

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