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Council Members' Profiles

Gill Pagliuca

Gill Pagliuca - Chair of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society - CHCSGill Pagliuca has been working in the area of chemical regulations for more than 25 years. She is currently employed by Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd, where she provides advice and assistance to customers in a wide variety of companies on REACH, CLP and transport of dangerous goods regulations. Gill presents training courses on REACH and CLP run by the CHCS, REACHReady and other organisations. Gill is also a regular contributor of articles on issues relating to CLP and transport of dangerous goods regulations to publications such as Croner’s hazard information publications. Gill is currently the Chair of the CHCS.

Elaine Campling

Until very recently, Elaine Campling was Product Safety Manager of a Fujifilm Regulatory Team. For many years, Elaine had been responsible for global regulatory strategy, compliance policies, hazard communication, chemical safety and Corporate Social Responsibility at Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems, until deciding to start her own regulatory compliance company. It is early days for Elaine’s new venture, Chemical Compliance Advisory Services, but it is progessing well. Elaine is a dangerous goods safety advisor, and participated in several regulatory strategy groups (EuPIA, CEPE, BCF), focused on achieving better regulation before starting her own company. Elaine has produced several articles and guidance documents focused on raising awareness and achieving regulatory compliance. She was the Chair of CHCS-CLG Training Panel for many years and Council Member. Elaine notes that the Training Panel role was very demanding, but very rewarding and one that she particularly enjoyed. She is looking forward to her coming term as Secretary.

Chair Of Finance Committee, Chair Of Training Panel & Member Services Committee
Peter Robins

Peter Robins - Treasurer of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society - CHCS

Peter Robins came accidentally to Product Stewardship in 1988 when his line of business was sold to another company which he then joined - without the Product Stewardship support that had been in place at his previous employer. He became a fully-fledged Product Steward in a hurry when in 1989 his new employer closed its European operation and he started his own business as a distributor for the same line of products. There was no CHCS to help him at that time, of course.

Peter joined CHCS in April 1996, and joined the forerunner of Council later that year. He became Treasurer in 1998 bringing to the post such arcane skills as double-entry book-keeping and international VAT legislation. Barring a three year period starting 2012 when he was not an Officer, but was nonetheless still Treasurer in all but name, he held the post until March 2021 but is now assissting an Acting Tresurer again. Peter has also served on the Training Panel (which he now chairs), and on the Member Services Committee (and its forerunner the ECSG), since those two committees were introduced.

Peter closed his business in 2012 and is now trying to be retired, when CHCS lets him.

Louise Witter

Louise Witter BSc (Hons), LL.B runs her Chemical Legislation Consultancy business (CLP LTD) from bonnie Scotland has been a consultant on classification, labelling and safety data sheets for more than 20 years. Louise has a degree in marine and environmental biology from St Andrews University and a degree in law from Aberdeen University. Louise is well-respected internationally as a consultant providing opinions on chemical legislation compliance and regulator liaison.

As a trainer and coach, she delivers her knowledge and expertise to businesses large and small on related industry-specific topics. Louise is an active contributor to industry-led communities and groups, labelling Instructor the Chemical Hazards Communication Society and a regular CLP instructor for the Chemical Business Association.

During knee-deep bedtime reading of the ever-changing Brexit landscape, Louise confesses copious cups of tea are being consumed. Besides the Brexit saga, an increased level of enquiries into the company's Aberdeen and Northern Ireland offices relating to REACH, Safety data sheets and Poison Centre Notifications is making for a hectic but enjoyable time for the team.

Chair of Remuneration Committee
Tony Bingham

Tony Bingham - Chair of Remuneration Committee of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society - CHCSTony attended the inaugural meeting of the CHCS and became a Council Member shortly after and is the current Chair of the Society’s Remuneration Committee. Tony, who is now a consultant working mainly within the areas of Classification and Labelling, REACH, and Food Contact materials, gained his experience working in regulatory compliance within the global chemicals industry.

Chair of Member Services Committee
Caroline Raine

Caroline works at the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) where she works with both supply and transport legislation, so REACH, CLP, Safety Data Sheets and all the modes of transport. More recently Caroline has become very involved in the poison centre requirements and of course Brexit! Caroline is the current chair of the Member Services Committee (MSC), and was the previous Chairmen of the British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals (BADGP).

Chair of Training Panel
Peter Robins

For profile, see "Treasurer", above. 

Training Panel

Helen Kean

Helen Kean - Member of Training Panel of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society - CHCSHelen works for Anthesis (UK) Limited heading up the Sustainable Chemistry function which focuses not only on meeting client’s compliance with chemical regulations (e.g. CLP, REACH), but managing consortia and supporting companies throughout the supply chain to develop chemical management policies beyond regulatory compliance. Helen has over 15 years’ experience of navigating and challenging chemical regulations having worked initially in industry and for the last 3 years as a consultant. 

Vikki Binns

Vikki is a post graduate scientist with over 15 years’ experience in the chemical industry with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry and master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Industrial Advanced Training. For the past 5 years she has worked in industry for a company selling specialist chemical reagents used in radioactive analysis, where she took on a regulatory role to keep abreast of the ever-changing chemical legislation. She now works as a Senior Scientist at Exponent and deals with various aspects of REACH, CLP and PIC Regulations. More recently she has been involved with generating Poison Centre Notifications. Vikki also has some experience of Plant Protection Products and Regulation 1107/2009. 

Kathryn Tearle

Kathryn joined CHCS' Member Services Committee in 2018 and became a Council member in 2020.

She works for the 24-7 Emergency Advice team at OHES Environmental. Kathryn has worked in various research and development roles prior to joining Magnaflux UK in March 2014, where she was responsible for updating the Safety Data Sheets to CLP and providing support to the business in the role of Regulatory and Product Safety. Being new to the area of regulatory affairs, she joined the CHCS and attended a number of training courses and the AGM. In 2017, Kathryn joined the 24-7 Emergency Advice Team at OHES Environmental, where along with handling calls on the Emergency Advice Line, she provides consultancy advice on chemical regulations to the clients. Working with a wider range of clients, navigating the challenging and changing global chemical regulations has expanded her experience of working in regulatory compliance within the global chemicals industry. Kathryn values the support received from the CHCS and is keen to work with the CHCS to develop their services to members, especially those who are new to the chemical regulations.

Kevin Wright

Kevin became a CHCS Council Member and member of the Training Panel in December 2021.

Adiato Baldé

Adiato Baldé is a Pharmaceutical Scientist specialist in Regulatory Affairs. She has been working in the Pharmaceutical/Medical Device/Cosmetic Industry for the past 5 years, being responsible for evaluating, assessing and placing products in the market following all the guidelines/requirements.

Other Professional Memberships:                          

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

TOPRA - the professional membership organisation for individuals working in Healthcare Regulatory Affairs.

Adiato joined the CHCS as a Council Member in December 2021.

Wendy Johnson

For the past nine years Wendy has worked on regulatory compliance for Headland Amenity’s fertiliser and amenity chemical products, alongside many other roles within the company. Before that Wendy has held various scientific technical support, sales and marketing positions within the life sciences.                                                                                                  

Wendy joined the CHCS Council in March 2022.


CHCS' May 2022 Newsletter is now available, containing several important updates on the many recent changes to the regulation framework. See CHCS May 2022 Newsletter. 

The Department For Transport Has Issued A Call For Evidence
The Department for Transport has issued a Call for Evidence in relation to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 and the RID / ADR 2021 amendments. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 13 May 2022]

Webinar: Poly- And Perfluoroalkylated Substances (PFAS): The Gathering Storm For Chemical Regulatory Professionals, And The Industry
The presentation and recording from our webinar held on 21 April 2022 are now available to members linked from the Past Events page of our website.[Posted on 22 April 2022]

The European Commission Has Issued A Call For Evidence
The European Commission has issued a Call for Evidence on an initiative to streamline EU-level scientific and technical work on chemicals. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 4 April 2022]

Webinar: The Regulation Of Endocrine Disruptors In The European Union
The presentation and recording from our webinar held on 29 March 2022 are now available to members linked from the Past Events page of our website. [Posted on 31 March 2022]

Poison Centres Portal - Lichtenstein Connects
The poison centre for Lichtenstein has announced that they are now connected to the poison centre portal. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 22 March 2022]

ECHA Is Developing A New Chesar Platform
A Questionnaire has been issued by ECHA for interested parties to join a stakeholder group. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 3 March 2022]

Webinar: Food Contact Materials Regulation In China
The presentation and recording from our webinar held on 23 February 2022 are now available to members linked from the Past Events page of our website. [Posted on 24 February 2022]

The European Chemicals Agency Is Looking For Stakeholder Input On IUCLID Published Data
The European Chemicals Agency, ECHA has launched a survey on their new ‘Data Availability’ solution. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 14 February 2022]

DEFRA Surveys On The Provisions Of Article 33, UK REACH
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is inviting GB-based suppliers and retailers of articles to contribute to a survey regarding Article 33 of UK REACH. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 11 February 2022]

Changes To The Misuse Of Drugs Act: Gamma Butyrolactone And 1.4-Butanediol
Following the recommendations of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, tighter controls are being placed on gamma butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BD). CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 11 February 2022]

Multilateral Agreement M345
The United Kingdom has countersigned Multilateral Special Agreement 345 concerning the transport of UN 2672 ammonia solution in IBCs with a vapour pressure of more than 110 kPa (1.1 bar) at 50oC or 130 kPa (1.3 bar) at 55oC. This is under ADR under paragraph 1.5.1 of ADR. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 8 February 2022]

NPIS Announces That Annex VIII Of EU/GB CLP 1272/2008 Applies In The UK From Jan 1st 2021
The National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) the poison centre for GB and NI has announced that Annex VIII of EU/GB CLP 1272/2008 applies in the UK from Jan 1st 2021. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 4 February 2022]

Poison Centres Portal - Belgium Connects
The Belgium poison centre has announced that they are now connected to the poison centre portal. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 24 January 2022]

Revision Of The REACH Regulation
Following the Roadmap issued last year, the European Commission has today launched a consultation on a revision of the REACH Regulation. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 20 January 2022]

EAC Corrigendum Published
The National Chemical Emergency Centre have published a corrigendum for the Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code list 2021. CHCS members can read more on our News Briefings page. [Posted on 17 December 2021]

Endocrine Disruptors - 1st CHCS Video
We have produced our first video for members: "Endocrine Disruptors", which is available to members free-of-charge.

This introductory video explains the various components of the human endocrine system and how they interact, to help understand the mechanisms of endocrine disruptors on human systems.

The video is just over 10 minutes long.

To register for access to the video, please visit our video registration page: Endocrine Disruptors Video Registration.

[Posted on 1 July 2019]

CHCS News Summary
  • Alternative Arrangements For UK REACH Registration Being Considered By Defra
    (6 December 2021)

  • CLP Annex VI Correction Published
    (17 November 2021)

  • Model Regulations, 22nd Revised Edition
    (1 November 2021)

  • The Deadline To Submit A Downstream User Notification (DUIN)
    (26 October 2021)

  • The Carriage Of Dangerous Goods And Use Of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations Amendments Now Combined
    (21 October 2021)

  • The Carriage Of Dangerous Goods And Use Of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 Amended
    (21 October 2021)

  • ECHA - Safer Chemicals Recordings Available
    (20 October 2021)

  • GHS Revision 9
    (20 September 2021)

  • UK Cosmetics Regulation
    (1 September 2021)

  • MLA 340 And RID 06/2021 Counter-Signed By The United Kingdom
    (20 August 2021)

  • Publication Of The Draft 18th ATP To The CLP Regulation
    (17 August 2021)

  • Dangerous Emails Disguised As Coming From NPIS
    (29 July 2021)

  • SDS Will Be The Focus For Enforcement In 2023
    (20 July 2021)

  • Government Updates Their Guidance On Poison Centres
    (29 June 2021)

  • Inception Impact Assessments (Roadmaps) For REACH & CLP - deadline 23:00 GMT
    (31 May 2021)

  • Poison Centre Practical Guide updated
    (20 May 2021)

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